Introducing the Flipping Holder

the ONLY holder that works for BOTH food pouches and juice boxes

My kids made a horrible mess using pouches and juice boxes by themselves.

I created the Flipping Holder to end the mess.

How It Works

For baby food, applesauce, or yogurt pouches: 

Insert food pouches from the open bottom, securely locking the neck into the holder. 

Baby nearing the end of the pouch? Simply insert your hand into the open bottom and gently squeeze the remaining food towards the top. 

* Works with all baby food pouches, applesauce pouches, and yogurt pouches, even oversized reusable food pouches!

For juice boxes or juice pouches:

FLIP the holder over to drop in juice boxes and juice pouches.

* Works with all major brands of juice pouches and juice boxes.

Works with nearly all food pouches and juice boxes on the market!

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