A mom-made solution to stop those squeezy messes!

Squeeze pouches can be a disaster in the car seat, stroller, or even at home!  As a mom of four, I get it!  Let’s just say a really messy plane ride had me banning food pouches from my stash, but then I thought “There has to be a way to make these work!”

And that’s when I invented the Flipping Holder!  It’s a simple, multi-use holder for food pouches, juice boxes, and juice pouches.

Here’s how it works:

Do you want just a few moments of peace while your child independently snacks?  Some calm in the hustle and bustle of motherhood?  

That’s why I created the Flipping Holder – just one less problem, frustration, or stressor to deal with. 

  • Stuck in traffic with a hungry, screaming toddler?  Problem solved! 
  • Rushing out the door to activities with the older kiddo and need a quick meal for your little?  We got you!  
  • At a party or restaurant, and all they have is a juice box for the toddler?  No worries!

Let us make your day just a bit easier by solving this snack-time struggle.  Our Flipping Holder is:

  1. BPA, Lead, and DEHP Free
  2. Dishwasher Safe (top rack)
  4. Mom-Invented

We are a Woman-Run Business, that gives back to moms in need through quarterly donations. 

Our mission is to support moms in the struggles of their daily lives by solving those little problems before they become huge moments of overwhelm!