How To

Using your Flipping Holder is easy once you get the hang of it! Here’s a quick drawing to help illustrate the basic use:

Or you can check out this video:

And if you’re wondering how your child will get all that food out of the pouch, hopefully this can help!

In more detail:

For Food Pouches

With Notches

Standard Food pouches have the notched neck and are placed in the holder with the cap on:


  1. Insert closed pouch through bottom of holder.
  2. Pull pouch cap through front opening.
  3. Align pouch neck with the slot on the top of the holder.
  4. Push pouch neck securely into the slot.
  5. Remove cap and give holder to the child to eat.
Standard - How To

Without Notches

Non-Standard Food Pouches have a solid, circular, or oversized neck and are placed in the holder without the cap:


  1. Remove cap from pouch.
  2. Insert opened pouch through bottom of holder.
  3. Pull pouch spout through front opening on top of holder.
  4. Align the spout, just below the threading, with the top slot of the holder.
  5. Push pouch neck securely into the slot and give to the child to eat.
NonStandard - How To

For juice pouches and boxes, the use is even easier


  1. Flip over the empty holder so the bottom opening is now at the top.
  2. Drop in a juice pouch, or push in a rectangular juice box.
  3. Insert straw, and give to child.

Children hold the handles, can’t squeeze the pouches, and can eat or drink while they play!