Flipping Holder DELUXE (4-pack, with LIDS)


4-Pack of Flipping Holders with Lids


Food pouches and juice boxes are great, but they sure do make a mess!  Not any more.  The squeeze-proof Flipping Holder offers self-feeding convenience, less mess, and easy cleaning.  Use it upright for food pouches, upside down for juices.


4-pack of Deluxe Flipping Holders (lids included)


Little hands love squeezable juice boxes & food pouches.  They support self-feeding and developing motor skills, and even cause & effect relationships (they squeeze & the apple sauce appears).

The problem is the mess they create when purees and juices don’t make it into the baby’s mouth.  You’ve experienced the worst of it – blueberry puree, yogurt, fruit juice all over the place.  It’s frustrating & time-consuming.

That’s why we designed the squeeze-proof Flipping Holder for self-feeding & easy cleaning.  Use it upright for food pouches, upside down for juices.


  •  USA-made
  •  Dishwasher safe
  •  Food-safe polypropylene
  •  Free of BPA, DEHP, and lead
  •  Multipurpose, travel-friendly design
  •  Hard, slender holder with 2 curved handles


Yes!  The Flipping Holder has a convenient open bottom for inserting a closed food pouch, and then the pouch top locks onto the patented curved slot at the top of the holder.  That small slot locks the pouches into place.

  1. NO MORE MESSES: Love snacks on-the-go but tired of the mess they create? Stop the squeeze & cut out the clean-up with this ingenious Flipping Holder made for purees & drinks. Designed by smart parents for curious babies & toddlers learning to feed themselves.
  2. FLIP IT & GRIP IT: Unlike other similar containers, Flipping Holder has a universal design that supports all juice boxes, tetra packs & squeeze food pouches. Stand it upright for food pouches & flip it upside down for juice boxes. Dual, curved handles support your little one’s developing grasping skills & independence.
  3. SAFE, HYGIENIC & TRAVEL-FRIENDLY: Nothing is more important than your little one’s safety & wellbeing. This Flipping Holder contains no loose parts and is USA-made from food-safe polypropylene that’s free of BPA, DEHP, and lead. Use it multiple times between washings. Grab it & go – at home, in the car, on the plane. Easy to clean & dishwasher friendly.
  4. A BRILLIANT BABY SHOWER GIFT: Ditch the usual ordinary baby gifts & give the new parents something they’ll thank you for every day. Perfectly practical, a total time-saver, and the only one of its kind, this multipurpose Flipping Holder makes a unique baby shower gift.
  5. LOVE IT OR IT’S ON US: Buying for your baby involves careful decision-making around safety & security. That’s why we won’t hold you to this purchase if you’re not satisfied with the design or quality. If you’re not happy with it, let us know.
Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 12 × 5 in

4 Blue, 4 White, 2 Blue and 2 White, 4 Purple, 2 Purple and 2 Blue, 2 Purple and 2 White, 4 Green, 4 Pink, 2 Green and 2 Pink, 2 Green and 2 Purple, 2 Blue and 2 Green, 2 Pink and 2 Blue, 2 Pink and 2 White, 2 Green and 2 White, 2 Pink and 2 Purple


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