5 Road Trip Essentials for Kids

Every once in a while we all need a break from our busy lives to escape on a little family vacation. This allows us to recoup and connect with our loved ones in a new adventurous, exciting way.

Traveling amidst the pandemic has been a challenge, especially when it comes to everyone’s safety.

Thankfully, a good old fashioned road trip allows for less potential exposure and a whole lot more quality family time. Driving in the car can be difficult with limited leg space, and room for lots of potential messes to occur especially with the little ones (so don’t forget your Flipping Holders to keep snack time spotless!)

Here are 5 road trip essentials for kids to help pass time, and make the trip as smooth and relaxing for moms, dads, and older siblings as possible.

Be mindful of your departure time and where your rest stops will be

To make the first few hours fly by, try leaving earlier in the morning as this allows your kids to catch a few more winks before starting the long car ride ahead! (This will improve everyone’s mood for the whole day). 

Likewise, planning rest stops is necessary for leg stretching and potty breaks. Plan ahead to where you would like to stop and sight see for a short break from the ride to get out some energy and maybe recharge with a meal as well!

Pack healthy (non-messy) snacks

No one is in a good mood when they’re hangry, nor with an upset tummy. Bring along your Flipping Holder for juice boxes, apple sauces, and other easily accessible and healthy foods for a little energy boost throughout the day (mini-coolers can be a great option to keep things on the cool-side without taking up too much space!)

Trip Journals

Get a small notebook for your kids to document their experiences of the trip. This can be created in many different ways, with what their favorite part of the day was, observations they make on the go- or even a form of a scavenger hunt (eye-spy can be incorporated into this to keep their attention on the lookout!) This allows for some creativity while keeping them busy.

Discover playlists and audio books

Audible, Spotify, Apple Music and more- take your pick! There are thousands of options for your kids to learn something new, or explore their imagination with audio books to help pass the time. Finding playlists with kid friendly music is always a great idea for sing alongs and lifting spirits.

Bring along some travel friendly toys and let your kids pack some of their favorites

Allowing your child to bring a few of their favorites from home allows them to feel like they’re a part of the planning process; and places like the dollar-tree have tons of options of small toys/ games that are seemingly perfect for road trips. Etch-a-sketches, Rubik’s Cubes, Legos, building block magnets, coloring-kits and more are all great options!

So wherever your destination may be, travel safely and make sure to plan ahead for your little ones to make your family vacation extra special, and extra flipping fun.

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