Best Netflix Documentaries for Kids

2020 was ANYTHING but easy going, especially when it comes to education.

Last year, many families have had to resort to online distance learning which posed a new challenge not only for the kids, but for parents as well. Conventional learning methods just don’t seem to cut it anymore (especially when you might be trying to juggle helping your kids with their homework while trying to keep up with your own job working from home), and exploring new ways to learn has become CRUCIAL in the development and retention of education throughout all age groups.

Luckily, technology has allowed us to open new doors when it comes to learning and how we can present information.

With trying to balance our kids attention spans with our own at-home work schedules, it’s easy to feel guilty about offering extra screen time. Thankfully, there are ways to use that screen time that will still benefit your child!

There is A TON of educational content that can help promote a love for learning! At the top of our list, Netflix has some options that may surprise you.

Here are 4 of the best educational Netflix documentaries & series that your kids will LOVE!

Image from Netflix

Brainchild (TV-G)

The world is difficult to understand for adults, so imagine trying to digest all that information as a child! Brainchild explains topics from social media, emotions, science and MORE in a fun and creative way that your kids will be able to grasp and learn from!

Image from Netflix

The Magic School Bus (TV-Y)

This older series explores science from the aspect of a classroom with magical field trips exploring the ocean, space and even the human body! This show is sure to entertain as well as teach valuable lessons for your kids!

Image from Netflix

Our Planet (TV-PG)

For your nature loving kids, there are TONS of documentaries on Netflix! This docu-series explores the important matter of conservation as well as showcasing our planet’s natural beauty, its inhabitants and their way of life. Similarly, another fun docu-series is- Absurd! Planet (TV-PG).

Image from Netflix

If I Were An Animal (TV-G)

This series is so fun, as the narrators are kids themselves, curious, exploring and observing the milestones that different animal species take from birth to adulthood!

So next time your kids need a break (or you need their attention to be sustained on something useful) turn on one of these fun and educational options! They will be LEARNING without even knowing it!

PS– don’t forget to snag a pack of Flipping Holders for your little ones so they can sip and snack during Netflix time!

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